Today Oracle launched a paper that focus the gains of Oracle solutions over Solaris VS IBM solutions over AIX.

You can find the paper here.

After reading the entire paper I find it quite tendentious.

I’m not a Oracle/SPARC fan nor a IBM/Aix fan, although I’ve worked with both for years, my favorite OS is Linux, and well i also Solaris a bit.
So why do I find it tendentious:

1 – The way it’s written, for every user comment they say a slightly positive thing about IBM, but the really good thing is Oracle/Solaris.

2 – I don’t doubt that the interviews were conducted I’m almost sure the people were selected. As I told before I like Linux, if i want i can manage to get 20 sys admins that will focus that Linux is better than Solaris, I just have to select the right ones. Although I know it’s not the case in many issues, it is others.
Everyone likes to defend it’s favorite technology.

3 – Who ordered the study? The study costs money and with so many interviews who payed for it?

4 – It’s not possible that an independent study interview dozens of people and they all point in the same direction, even on the price issue that flavors IBM it’s not good because there are hidden costs. I know the costs are there, but for experts they aren’t that hidden.

5 – Why does it says it’s confidential on the front page and it’s published on If it was a true confidential report it wouldn’t be widely spread by Oracle.

I don’t want to look picky but as a piece of marketing this is a no go, at least in my opinion.
I like Oracle products like Unbreakable Linux, Solaris, MySQL, Oracle DB, OpenOffice and so on, I just don’t like companies that try to make you a fool with propaganda.

Pedro Oliveira

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