ROS – Reboot oriented system

Today I’m at the office, not a usual thing in a Saturday, but a very production system in a client is being migrated.
The migration is from a Solaris 8 OS to Solaris 10 from a machine with 32 processors to 64 and from 64GB ram to 128 GB ram. Other significant change is the file system, the old one is the Veritas FS and the new one… ZFS (I really like it, I would love to have it on Linux outside of FUSE). You may read more about it on wikipedia.

We’re a few here on site right now just waiting for a Backup to end, but the nice thing is the 465 days up time this machine has… compared with the Sibel cluster that needs that it’s machines be rebooted every 2 hours… in a know OS. Or better in a very well known redmount ROS – Reboot oriented system.

I know that this isn’t a usual case and probably there are 20 different workarounds to solve those problems but the fact is if these workaround exist MS support doesn’t know them. So the workaround is a simple schedule reboot every 2 hours. And therefor the nickname for Win. 2003… ROS.

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