TOR 0.4.17 for Redhat and it’s clones (CentOS, Scientific Linux, etc)


Here is the new version of TOR rpm package, you may also install other mainstreams versions from EPEL, currently this one is the latest.

This package is for RHEL 6.4 and all it’s clones (CentOS, Scientific Linux, etc)


md5sum: 11bf2bf0e0185f85e9433d5c1b5ddeb8

scr code:

to install:

rpm -Uvh tor-



yum localinstall  tor-


Hope it helps,

Pedro Oliveira

Using fuse to mount a remote dir with sshfs


Today I’m writing about a little tool that is an enormous impact onĀ  how to make a remote filesystem available to you as a local filesystem. You may be wondering, what’s the new? NFS does it, Samba does it, it’s true but if you don’t have a VPN and your away from your LAN or WAN a simple task like acceding a folder on a remote web server can be a pain.

The requirements on the host you need to access are:

  1. SSH server running
  2. User account

On the client side you’ll need:

  1. FUSE (Filesystem on user space) – you may install it easily with YUM, Zipper,apt-get, or whatever manager you’r using.
  2. sshfs – once again you can use your software manager or download it from
  3. On depending on the local mount point you may need root access.

Now before you start lets create a dir so you can have a local mount point:


and the mount command:


to umount REMOTE:

fusermount -u REMOTE

And your done .

There are a lot of options to sshfs, write/read under others permissions, sync or async writes, buffers sizes and read ahead options if you want to know more about all the options (and they are a few dozens) just type:

sshfs -h

Cheers and see you next time

Pedro Oliveira

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